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Turn ur Desktop to a webserver!!!!

Host ur own website without spending a penny..... believe me, I just tried it out and its working.All u need is a system with a Windows XP running in it and a broadband connection. Its fun....Try it out..!!!
Step 1:
U need not be a proffesional web designer for designing a web page..there are pre-designed templetes available in the net .Just make some alterations to ur needs.Ur web page is ready...!!!

Step 2:
Install the internet information services(IIS) which is inbuilt in XP...
Goto Add/Remove programs-->Add/Remove windows components--->Check the IIS and Install....Now ur OS is ready for hosting ur website....!!!

Step 3:
Goto control panel-->Administrative tools-->Internet Information Services..
expand the plus sign([+]) in the left panel..right click default website and goto properties.click on the home directory tab.Set the path to the folder that contains ur html file.Then click on the documents tab and add ur html file to it.Use the arrows to move it to the top.Click Ok ....U are done....!!!

Now u can access ur website using ur IP address from anywhere from the world...
type http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ on ur browser...
To find ur IP...Type IPCONFIG in command prompt and enter.

Hmmm....who cares to remember the IP address to access ur website.....So u need a host name..U can get free host names provided by some websites that would help to redirect to ur IP...you can publish ur website as "yourname.host.net"...
thats it...you are done..!!!

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