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Browse It the Chrome Way!

Google recently launched its own browser that offers a potentially substantial stability, usability and security enhancements over the Internet explorer and the Firefox. This was one of the few fields that had no competition from the Google. The chrome’s most striking feature is its crisp and sparse interface. The layout of this browser is not seen in any of the top browsers and it stands unique and attractive. The browser’s header is neither fitted with a menu bar nor clumsy looking toolbars, instead each page is opened in a new tab with its on virtual browser. The uniqueness is so special in a way that if a single tab crashes, the rest of the tabs are not affected by it and thereby increasing the reliability of usage.
The main user interface of the chrome is the Address bar. You can type the web’s URL in it to open a webpage or you can use it as a search box defaulting to the results from the Google search engine. On typing a key word, it automatically shows up the Google recommended key words and also shows up the links of the similar pages stored up in the bookmarks or history.
On opening a new tab, the chrome shows up with the hyper linked screenshots of the most often viewed Web Pages by you. And at the top of the new tab screen is the bookmarks link where it really opts to be. Off to the side bar is the history search box to access websites that you have previously visited.
Another unique feature of the chrome is the incognito mode. You can find it in the current page menu. It opens up with a new separate browser that does not record your activities or leave any cookies on the system. This mode avails us the ultimate privacy that no other browser does. Whatever the features may be, still chrome would have to face a tough competition and have to push hard to come up in the browser market being ruled by the IE and Firefox. Soon one can find out what is going to leading the browser in the market.
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