2:34 PM

War to the CORE...!!!

The gigahertz war has lost its importance.The War to the cores have heaten up.Whats up next...??.Wondering what am talking about.Its about the war between Intel and AMD.All these years they were fighting to prove oneself as the manufacturer of the processor with the highest clock speed.Now the trend has changed.Now,its for who manufactures the processor with highest number of cores.Who cares about the end user...?.
Intel and AMD ruled it over the first half of the decade equally.But things started changing in 2007.The first signs came in 2006 with Intel's Core Duo followed by Core 2 Duo,Centrino Core 2 Duo and quad core technologies in 2007.AMD on the other hand moved in slow motion.Its allure had been great performance and excellent prices,but AMD processors are no longer that much cheaper than Intel's offerings.
Its already been exaggerated that the AMD's defeat to Intel is expected soon.AMD will stay in the battle only if its Barcelona and Phenom,the quadcore processors from the company,ways to hit the market with a twist.Lets wait and see.

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