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Top 5 Ways To Optimize Windows Vista..!!!

Its been almost a year after the launch of Vista and it stays famous for its resource hungry environment and slow performance.But still it can be tweaked for performance improvements.Here are the ones i could find with best results.

1)Tweak Aero:

The Windows Vista Operating System uses a 3D accelerated Graphic user interface.This is worthy on system that meets the requirements of Vista.But it runs too heavy on other system.To optimize it, disable the transparency effect.To do this,right click on Desktop-->Personalize-->"Windows color and appearance" and uncheck "transparency".
Animation of windows while maximizing and mininimizing also uses a lot of resources.To disable this feature ,head to Control Panel --> System --> Advanced System Settings --> Advanced --> Performance --> Visual Effects and disable the option “Animate Windows when minimizing or maximizing”

2)Disable Search indexing:
On systems with good specifications ,the search indexing does a good job .Its better to disable this on system with old configs.To disable this, head to the services option by typing services.msc in the run command.search for"windows search" and disable it.

3)Disabling other services:
Both XP and vista run loads of useless services.Disabling such services would free up system resources.Go to services.msc in a similar way as said in the previous tweak and disable all the useless services.Some such useless services are:
i) Offline Files
ii) Tablet PC Input Service
iii) Terminal Services
iv) Fax service
Note:Be careful while removing services.Disabling any important service can have adverse effects.

4)Disabling User Account Control[UAC]:

Unlike in previous versions of windows,this security check is very intrusive and pops up all the time.So disabling it is lot better.To disable it,head to control panel-->User Accounts-->Disable User Account Control.

5)The best Tweak i could suggest is:

Remove Vista and install Windows XP...

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11:11 PM

Microsoft's Next New OS 2009 - Vienna or Windows 7

Vienna, the microsoft's complete OS is on its way.Vista being launched in the previous year added fame to microsoft in the negative way with its too much security features making computer to control the user were people always wanted the other way.For this they took such a long time.Windows Vista was launched 5 years after the launch of XP.Still XP seems to be the best ever OS ruling the hearts of the home users(Definetly mine..!!).
Microsoft says that they concentrated more on releasing the service packs for XP instead building the Vista in these 5 years.After the launch of vista they felt like they have missed out a lot and those will be put up as an service pack codenamed fiji and will be provided for download in their site soon.These included WinFS, native HD DVD and FireWire-B support, enhanced speech recognition and PC-to-PC sync.
Their upcoming version of windows is named Vienna or Windows 7.Its just a cousin of Vista with all its bugs fixed (and as usual with some extra problems).It is to be launched in 2009 January.Microsoft has refused to provide much details about Vienna.
Here is a little screenshot of the new windows...

Hey forgot to say,the Microsoft windows home server edition 2008 looks great.Hmmm...Miracles happen like with XP,but the server edition would be of no good use for a typical home user.Thats all for now.
Will catch up soon with the latest updates.Keep rockin..!!

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8:31 PM

Install Windows from a Pen Drive...!!!

Here is a way to install windows XP by booting from a USB.I had to find this out because, My friend came with a problem that his existing OS got corrupt and his CD-Rom had failed.So i thought of searching for a way to solve this issue and came out with an idea of installing by booting from a pendrive.I had to search for a long time to find an answer to make the USB boot.I don't want anyone else to break up their head as i did to find the solution.So I am publishing here what i did.
You need to download two files for this process:
2.Dos Files(less than a MB)
Extract the dos files(solution.rar) to c:\dos.now run the HpUSB format utility to format the pendrive and make it bootable.Run the Hp USB utility.select the USB drive(usually it selects automatically).select the check box create a dos startup disk and check "using DOS system files located at and select the target location where you extracted the DOS files.your utility should look like this.

Click start.
Now copy the other files in your extracted DOS files folder to the pendrive.your USB should look like this.

Now copy the setup files from the Win XP setup CD or from your hard disk.Thats it .Your bootable Win XP USB setup is ready.
In the bios ,set boot priority for the USB as first and perform the boot.the cursor will stop with a drive.Type nc and hit enter. Norton Commander will open.This will copy all files from pendrive to disk C.
[Note: You can also install directly from the pen drive by typing "cd I386" and then running "winnt" instead entering the norton commander].
Remove Your pendrive and reboot your system.The system will enter the windows setup wizard.Then the usual routine as installing from a CD.You are done..!!!

Check the new part two also Install Windows By Booting From A USB...!!!(PART 2 for NTFS)

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12:27 PM

The World Wide Web getting Narrow..!!!

A recent study says that a major bottle neck is going to occur in the internet traffic. Especially on the networks of home users using the co-axial cable (DSL) and the wireless users. The ISPs have decided to invest around 16 billion dollars which is no way around the 55 billion dollar projected requirement to maintain the current position.

The required amount is more than 70% of the planned amount.

So, by 2010 we could experience a crash in the internet and the speeds of usage would get back to the same old flashing speeds of dial ups.

Enjoy the speedy web access while you can (not so long). The Web will start to seem sluggish as early as 2010, as use of interactive and video-intensive services overwhelms local cable, phone and wireless.

To avoid this, the Internet service Providers has to invest $55 billion. I don’t think so they would invest above the planned amount.

So friends, be ready to carry your pillows before you sit in front of the World Narrow Web (Ooops..!!!Sorry World Wide Web).

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10:00 PM

Virtual Machines

Virtualization has become the hottest topic in the tech industry.Especially when it comes to people working in a troubleshooting environment.I recently completed my MCP[Microsoft Certified Professional] exam.When i was preparing for my exam i badly needed an extra system to connect it to my existing one so I could have an hands on experience on LAN connections and server-client connections.I was no way ready to afford an other one just for this and to dump it in my home in a corner after my researches.

Thank god.when I was searching for a way on the knowledge base[the internet ofcourse) I came across this software.Just the one I needed.Its VMware. This software helps to install and run multiple OS at a time on ones desktop and trust me,it didn't utilize much of my resources.My system was running fine even after i installed a Win 2003 server, 2 Win XP clients.I added a Redhat linux too.Anyway the linux had nothing to do with my examination.Just that i wanted to have my hands on a linux OS.
This software turned to be one of the most important reason to make me clear the MCP exam and it had saved me a lot of money too.Thanks a lot.I heard that microsoft too has launched its own virtual machine software.Hmmm....

Dear Google and Microsoft People,
Please leave out some parts of this industry untouched so even others depended on the Software industry can survive too.

Yours Lovingly,

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