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Everything You Wanted To Know About Torrents...!

Torrents have over shadowed every other P2P network to become the World's bandwidth hog. Here is everything you need to know about torrents.
What is a torrent?
Bram cohen is the man behind the torrent concept.When a file is stored in a server and the file is downloaded by millions of users,the servers bandwidth is shared by the million.To avoid such a congestion,the torrent concept is brought in.
How exactly does it work?
Lets say A,B,C and D all need file X[100MB] to be downloaded.The file X is stored in a server.What a torrent does is,it breaks the file into chunks, say 1MB.Now,the client A downloads the first part of the chunk say 0-25MB.B downloads 25-50 and C and D similarly.when all these clients called peers download these files, they upload the same which is set for download by the other peers.The same thing applies for other peers too.So instead of sharing the server's bandwidth for download the individual bandwidths are being shared.
Even after downloading ,if a peer stays online the he is called as a seed.Seeds are the ones which has completed the download of the file and still allows it to be downloaded using their bandwidth.
So ,more users online increases the bandwidth instead of slowing down the process.
Who are the trackers ?
A tracker is just an application that monitors the current status of seeds and peers downloading a particular torrent.When there are millions of peers and seeders and when the peers finish downloading and they still share the file becoming a seeder.This is where the tracker comes into play.The trackers updates and keeps the track of whats going on in the network.
How to make your own torrent and share ?
Every torrent client has an inbuilt feature of creating a torrent.All you have to do is to head to file --> new and create your torrent targeting your file.Now upload the torrent in any of the torrent sites.The torrent file consist of your IP address and the details about the file.
Note: You have to be online sharing the file till at least you create one seeder.
What are Share Ratios ?
Most of the older P2P networks died because they did not force the peer to upload the file what they are downloading.So the concept of share ratio is introduced in torrents.Share ratio is the amount of data you have uploaded to the amount you have downloaded.The torrent Network gives preference to those with share ratios of one and over and they get better speeds of downloads.
Top torrent sites:
Torrentz Isohunt Demonoid BiteNova Torrentscan

Top torrent clients:

uTorrent BitComet ABC BitLord TurboBT Azureus

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Guru said...

Hmm.. Torrents - Everybody's heard the word, but then many really don't understand what really happens behind their torrent client. A better understanding of the working of p2p will help in better sharing.

And i learnt the basics of torrents and p2p long back when i started downloading stuff online, but i had to look around for quite some time to find material, for two reasons i did not know to look, and the info was hidden behind multiple layers of crap. Now you've presented them pretty well. A noob who comes in through a serp will benefit from this post.

Anyways so now that we've discussed torrents, can we expect a few tweaks for better speeds. Any techie ideas ??

Krish-d-CSE said...

Hello Krishna..!

Wat you posted was really informative...I would like to clear my doubts:

1. After I become a seed, My seed will be useful for other peers if and only if I still have that torrent file in the tracker and my pc is on.. Am I right?

2. What is a swarn which i noted in U-torrent tracker?

3. Who are active and inactive seeds?

I would really be happy if you clear these doubts...