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Oops..!!! I deleted a file - File Recovery

Deleted a file unknowingly.What are you worrying for,When there is a way to recover them even if you have trashed it out of your recycle bin.Files can be recovered even after a full level format.Thats called file recovery.You can find loads of softwares free in the download market that you can use to recover the files.I have listed down some of the top recovery softwares here.When a file is deleted on your harddisk from the recycle bin or when shift+deleted,it never leaves the harddisk but hides behind a blank sector.Unless and untill you use the same memory sector,the file is neither damaged nor trashed.So recover as soon as possible for quality output.Do very little computing before you get your file,since every time you save a new file ,your OS writes information to your harddisk.So your chances of finding the file goes down.Given here are some of the best freeware recovery softwares:

  1. UnDelete Plus
  2. PCInspector File Recovery
  3. Restoration

Choose anyone from the above.Its better you choose UnDelete as it is the most user friendly one.Once you have picked up a tool and installed it.It provides you with the options to scan.Additional filter options are provided to find the file you are searching for more easily.Filter options range from choosing the extension of your file like scan only for .EXE's or for file size ranging from x to y or the files deleted on the dates. Once you find the file ,use the undelete option to recover the file.Its all a piece of cake to recover a file.If your harddisk is unbootable.Don't panic too.When there is a will there is a software too.Use Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootable live windows CD/DVD.Boot with this and this would help you to recover your files without even getting into windows.If you are in a serious trouble and nothing above worked for you ,then keep your busted harddisk in the freezer for the night long.This makes the data more readable.Recover your data before the harddisk warms up with the help of a replacement harddisk.

To recover digital images from a flash memory card or a hard drive.The above softwares works just fine but i recommend to use a more specialized software Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery.

To recover files from a scratched CD or DVD.Use tooth paste to cover up the scratched areas and polish the side with the paste.Now use one of the below softwares to recover the files.

  1. CDCheck
  2. CD Recovery Toolbox

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