12:27 PM

The World Wide Web getting Narrow..!!!

A recent study says that a major bottle neck is going to occur in the internet traffic. Especially on the networks of home users using the co-axial cable (DSL) and the wireless users. The ISPs have decided to invest around 16 billion dollars which is no way around the 55 billion dollar projected requirement to maintain the current position.

The required amount is more than 70% of the planned amount.

So, by 2010 we could experience a crash in the internet and the speeds of usage would get back to the same old flashing speeds of dial ups.

Enjoy the speedy web access while you can (not so long). The Web will start to seem sluggish as early as 2010, as use of interactive and video-intensive services overwhelms local cable, phone and wireless.

To avoid this, the Internet service Providers has to invest $55 billion. I don’t think so they would invest above the planned amount.

So friends, be ready to carry your pillows before you sit in front of the World Narrow Web (Ooops..!!!Sorry World Wide Web).

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