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Top 5 Ways To Optimize Windows Vista..!!!

Its been almost a year after the launch of Vista and it stays famous for its resource hungry environment and slow performance.But still it can be tweaked for performance improvements.Here are the ones i could find with best results.

1)Tweak Aero:

The Windows Vista Operating System uses a 3D accelerated Graphic user interface.This is worthy on system that meets the requirements of Vista.But it runs too heavy on other system.To optimize it, disable the transparency effect.To do this,right click on Desktop-->Personalize-->"Windows color and appearance" and uncheck "transparency".
Animation of windows while maximizing and mininimizing also uses a lot of resources.To disable this feature ,head to Control Panel --> System --> Advanced System Settings --> Advanced --> Performance --> Visual Effects and disable the option “Animate Windows when minimizing or maximizing”

2)Disable Search indexing:
On systems with good specifications ,the search indexing does a good job .Its better to disable this on system with old configs.To disable this, head to the services option by typing services.msc in the run command.search for"windows search" and disable it.

3)Disabling other services:
Both XP and vista run loads of useless services.Disabling such services would free up system resources.Go to services.msc in a similar way as said in the previous tweak and disable all the useless services.Some such useless services are:
i) Offline Files
ii) Tablet PC Input Service
iii) Terminal Services
iv) Fax service
Note:Be careful while removing services.Disabling any important service can have adverse effects.

4)Disabling User Account Control[UAC]:

Unlike in previous versions of windows,this security check is very intrusive and pops up all the time.So disabling it is lot better.To disable it,head to control panel-->User Accounts-->Disable User Account Control.

5)The best Tweak i could suggest is:

Remove Vista and install Windows XP...

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Guru said...

Nice post about tweaking Vista .. You should try and compile a comprehensive list for tweaking vista. We need more ideas like the first 4..

vijay said...

very nice one krishna...
can you come up with some tweaks for increasing my net speed by optimising my xp??

reynold -tagaBUKID- said...

very useful post. I wish my boss would let me have my xp back.